Costa Rica’s 5 Best Beaches

Your trip to Costa Rica is about more than getting great dental work done at an affordable price. With the money you save on dental work you can afford to travel to some of our spectacular, world-famous beaches – and still come out ahead. Here are our favorites.

Samara beach, Nicoya, Costa Rica. One of our 5 best beachesConchal

Located in the Pacific province of Guanacaste, this beach is famous for the mountain of seashells that compose the shore. Conchal is home of the major, all-inclusive The Westin Golf Resort and Spa, Conchal Beach. Clear water and great snorkeling make this a popular beach, but even as such it is rarely crowded.


Some call Sámara the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica – which is saying a lot. Swimming is good here. The village is developed with tourist services, good restaurants nightlife, and nice lodging options. And it still retains a small-town feel.

Sportfishing is big here, too, and the action extends inland with great hiking and views.

Jellyfish at Ballena National Marine Park, South Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Uvita Beach. Phot by Héctor Vides Parada. One of our 5 best beaches.Manuel Antonio

Paradise on Earth? Many say Manuel Antonio is one of the prettiest beaches in the world, and the large numbers of tourist who arrive every year tend to agree. With several stunning beaches backed by craggy, lush mountainsides, nature’s creation reaches perfection in Manuel Antonio. One can spend days exploring its abundant beaches and kilometers of nature trails, accumulating a profound appreciation for the area’s riches and an understanding of how important it is to conserve these places.

The third beach in the park is the nicest, with excellent swimming and snorkeling.

  • Plan ahead. The park is closed on mondays
  • Get early.  The amount of people who can enter is restricted (In order to conserve the park’s delicate ecosystem).

One side of the two beaches at Ballena bay, inside Ballena National Marine Park, South Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Photo by Héctor Vides 2017. One of our 5 best beachesUvita

A great place to swim near a small rural village. At low tide you can walk out along Punta Uvita – and likely have it to yourself.


Come over to Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. You’ll find good swimming 500 meters down the beach from the town of Cahuita, with waters reminiscent of a postcard-perfect tropical paradise. One of the world’s largest coral reefs is located in these waters, providing excellent opportunities for scuba and snorkeling. Before taking a dip also be sure to ask about currents and weather conditions. The food and culture in this region attract many: take in and emulate the slow pace of life.

Wherever you decide to go for your Costa Rica vacation, we know you’ll have a great time. And after visiting our dental clinic, we know you’ll look great, too.


Carrillo beach, Nicoya, Costa Rica. One of our 5 best beaches