All On 4 discount in Costa Rica, with the fewest COVID cases in the region.

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Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic March promotion.

  • At Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic we will have great surprises for all those who request their All On 4 treatment for March 2021.
  • From March 1st until March 31st we will give 10% discount on our All On 4 service. In addition, to make our promotion more attractive, we will also give you six days of free lodging. (Restrictions apply)

Enjoy the march 10% off with Mario Garita Dental Clinic in Costa Rica

All On 4 discount. Yes, just as you read it.

Take the opportunity to visit and do dental tourism in Costa Rica, one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. In addition, Costa Rica has the lowest rate of COVID infection since June 2020. According to data from the Costa Rican Ministry of Health, since the air borders were fully opened in November 2020, 170,000 tourists have entered the country, of which 99% have enjoyed their stay in Costa Rica without any COVID-related problems.

So what are you waiting for? Make your preparations now.

  • Do you need transportation? We give it to you free of charge, if it is your first time with Mario Garita Dental Clinic. If not, our Patient Coordinator will be happy to assist you.
  • Do you need accommodation? We give you six free days in March.
  • Not sure what to do during your stay in Costa Rica? Our Patient Coordinator will be happy to assist you once you decide on Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic.
  • Need to purchase your flight ticket? In this website we give you information about the airlines available.
  • You just need to quote your All On 4 treatment. Send Dr. Garita your pictures, X-Rays, even the proposal from your dentist in the United States, Canada or Europe. It’s easy to send, just fill out the form and we will tell you by phone or mail how much your new All On 4 will cost. The best part? With an extra 10% discount for March. (By the way, did you take advantage of the February promotion?)

While you are researching, quote with us.

Your dental treatment quote is free, and if you decide to enjoy the All On 4 services of Dr. Mario Garita’s Dental Clinic in March 2021, you will be able to enjoy our promotional offers specially designed for you.



See you soon here in Costa Rica. “Pura Vida”.
Doctor Mario Garita


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