Costa Rica welcomes tourists from nine USA states.

We care for your health.

This is Doctor Mario Garita, speaking to you from home. Today we have to shut down our office operations because we care for your health. We want apologize for any inconvinience. Thank you for your patience and please re-schedule. Please keep in mind that as of right now we can schedule…
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Costa Rica has declared a State of Emergency

To our dearest patients. We would like to inform you because of the unfortunate situation with the Coronavirus Costa Rica has declared a State of Emergency in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The country will shut down its borders to foreigners and non-residents starting 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, March 18.…
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Pain Management After Implant Surgery

Most people considering dental implant surgery also think about how much it might hurt. Your care giver at Dr. Mario Garita Dental Experience MP will prescribe appropriate pain medications for you before you leave his office. If you are particularly sensitive to pain or think the medication prescribed isn’t right…
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Dental Care For Cancer Patients.

Oral treatment by a knowledgeable dentist before, during and after any type of cancer therapy is medically necessary. That is to ensure that your mouth does not get in the way of your health. Pre-existing or unrelated oral diseases before or during cancer diagnosis can compromise cancer treatments. Oral complications…
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New Year, New You

Dental work can be prohibitively expensive in the States; sometimes your insurance isn’t even enough to cover it! With the holidays upon us, what better time is there than now to plan a New Year’s trip to Costa Rica and finally get the dental work that you’ve been dreaming of,…
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