Costa Rica eliminates negative test for COVID-19

As a requirement for entering the country

  • Valid only for persons entering by air.
  • Measure will be in force from October 26th, both for foreign and national tourists.

The Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Segura, announced today that Costa Rica will no longer request the negative test of COVID-19 to foreign tourists and nationals who want to enter the country, by air, starting October 26.

According to the Minister, these people will not receive a sanitary order of confinement (14 days of quarantine), so he called to comply with all necessary health measures.

“For this we want to make a very strict call, both to travelers and aviation companies, to be very careful. Anyone with symptoms such as fever, tiredness, flu or similar should not travel. The sustainability of this new measure, product of a gradual process, depends on the evolution of the pandemic”

Tourism, Gustavo Segura, during the press conference.

Air traffic to Costa Rica is not being a source of contagion of the Covid-19.

“The air traffic to Costa Rica that we have seen arriving gradually is not being a source of contagion of the Covid-19 virus and let’s remember that this is a product of the processes of implementation of very strict protocols that exist today in the international airports and in the airlines that, among other things, require that the passengers have a use during the whole trip and their transit through the airports of the mask,” informed the Minister of Tourism Gustavo Segura.

He added that the decision is based on the fact that the protocols implemented in the tourism industry are being applied responsibly with the opening of air borders.


Minister Segura reminded travelers that, in addition to the visa requirements for each country, the requirements that remain in effect are:

  • Fill in the online epidemiological form “Pase de Salud” (Health Pass) available in spanish at this link: https://salud.go.cr/
  • The acquisition of health insurance that meets the parameters established by executive decree. Have a travel insurance policy that covers lodging in the event of quarantine and medical expenses for COVID-19. The insurance can be international or purchased through a Costa Rican provider..

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