Costa Rica welcomes tourists from nine USA States.

Three more to come on September 15th

The good news continues. First, flights from Canada and the European Union were authorized to enter Costa Rica in August. Then, tourists from nine States from the U.S.A. will be able to enter as of September 1st

Now, we gladly add the good news that as of September 15th, three more States will be part of the list of locations authorized to enter Costarican territory. The incoming tourists need to oblige with the Guidelines before the trip.

The airlines have also established their own reopening operations schedule. As of September 1st, the list of airlines that have confirmed opening of operations is as follows:

  • Air Canada: Restarting operations on September 12 to Toronto
  • Air France: Operations restart on October 14
  • American Airlines: Conducts only repatriation flights to/from Dallas since August 27th.
  • Avianca: Resumes operations on September 1st to El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama and Lima. Resumes operations on October 1st to Bogotá. Applies to passengers coming from authorized destinations making connections in San Salvador and for Costa Ricans or national residents.
  • British Airways: Will restart operations until October 27
  • Copa Airlines: Re-started its flights on August 28 and 29.
  • Delta: Will fly to/from Atlanta until September 18th. Leave flights to/from Los Angeles until October 28.
  • Edelweiss: Will resume flights until October 15 to Zurich
  • Iberia: Flights restarted on August 3 to Madrid
  • Lufthansa: Is flying from August 5th to Frankfurt
  • Sansa: Only available for charter flights
  • Southwest: Announcement resumes operations until 2021
  • United: Starting September 1st from/to Newark. Also repatriation flights on Thursdays in September from/to Houston.
  • Volaris: Scheduled repatriation flights to/from Mexico City starting August 29th.
  • WestJet: Repatriation flight to/from Canada since September 4th.

IMPORTANT: If your favorite airline does not appear on this list, it is because it keeps flights suspended until further notice. We will keep you informed.

USA Map (continental territory only), with 12 States able to travel to Costa Rica highlighted

A warm welcome to our beloved homeland

As Mario Garita MP Dental Experience, we are happy to welcome back all of our potential patients from these twelve States of the U.S.A., Canada, and Europe.

Do not hesitate in contacting us for any doubts you may have, either relating your treatment or the COVID19 international guidelines.

From now on we give you a warm welcome to our beloved homeland. Here is a place where you can rest and receive world class dental treatments at incredible prices. There is no doubt that we are a “Pura Vida” country, because we love to make our patients smile again.

Please Schedule your appointment now or email us asking for more information


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