Building perfect smiles

The 21st century dentistry goes far beyond diagnosing and curing dental diseases.

At the Mario Garita Clinic MP Dental Experience, dentistry is an art that we use to give each of our patients a new way of living life. They have trust in us.

Gone are the years of only diagnosing to cure dental decay, or a maxillofacial disease.

At Mario Garita MP Dental Experience we take special care of all our patients. Our clinic is always one step ahead in dentistry and we do everything possible to give you the perfect smile.

We do it especially for women, men, young people and elders who seek to achieve success in their careers. Because it’s never too late to start, the important thing is to take the first step in the path of progress.

Just like when we exercise, walk, run or ride a bike, we must look for the best reliable tools and the right advice to enjoy and achieve our goals. That’s why at Mario Garita MP dental Experience we have more than 25 years of dental experience sharing the key to personal success: building perfect smiles.

Witness to this are the perfect smiles resulting from more than 700 cases of All On 4, 25 thousand dental implants,hundreds of Invisaligns, dental whitening, crowns and more. All patients who have put their trust in us.

Our dentistry formula is very simple:

  • The best reliable specialists,
  • Great dedication and,
  • Passion for details,
  • Cutting-edge technology,
  • The ideal place and a work environment full of well-being for our team and for our patients.

Dentistry woman with perfect smile, the key to success

We mix everything to provide peace, harmony and above all the well-being. This is part of having a perfect smile made in one of the most experienced clinics in dentistry in all of Costa Rica

Do not think twice and take the key to success with Mario Garita MP Dental Experience: Your perfect smile.