The Brånemark System Zygoma

Our professional team is known for always being at the forefront in the field of dental implants in Costa Rica. Only by learning about new dental treatment alternatives, development of innovative technologies, and new approaches to dental care, we can provide our patients the exceptional care they deserve.

Besides attending specialized continuing education Dr. Mario Garita has attended many dental conferences and seminars. It is only through constant training on advancements in his field that he has been able to provide the best care for his patients and to ensure such a high success rate in his procedures.

Last June Dr. Garita along with other top dentists from 58 countries congregated for four days in one of the most prestigious symposiums for dental professionals around the world: The Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2016 held at the iconic Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

Attendees shared with over 150 of the world’s leading educators in the field of implantology participating in lectures, forums, master classes and training sessions divided into 3 main themes: refining treatment, digital dentistry and clinical excellence being three fundamental pillars for Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic to provide the patient a high quality comprehensive treatment.

The symposium was also the platform to present several Nobel Biocare products and treatment innovations, designed to increase efficiency and results. One of the most cutting-edge topics presented was the Brånemark System Zygoma, the only implant solution on the market for the severely resorbed maxilla when bone grafting is not an option, an All on 4® is a solution.

Many patients are unable to have an implant due to lack of bone in the upper jaw. However thanks to the unique Brånemark System Zygoma there is a viable alternative for these patients. Zygomatic implant uses an immediate loading protocol that attaches the implant to the jawbone, close to the zygomatic bone (cheekbone or malar bone). It doesn’t require bone grafting and sinus lift procedures, turning this technique in a short and comfortable treatment. There is also a positive response in terms of success rates showing a 96% of survival rate after 12 years.

For almost 25 years, Dr.Garita has been consistently searching for new procedures, techniques and technologies that will provide opportunities to restore teeth to as many people as possible, including those that often have lost hope. It is for this reason that his attendance to this famous symposium has opened the possibility to offer new services in the future in order to rehabilitate and ensure quality of life especially for those who have had severe bone loss and have not qualified as candidates to receive an implant. Now there is a light to regain their health and confidence.