Sharon Fitzgerald

For 3600 dollars did six of my front teeth. They are all crowned and beautiful now. Was done in 2 appointments, during my 10-day vacation.

Just before Christmas, unfortunately I had an abscess on my front tooth, the one next to the front, and my dentist had to pull it. It took him three and a half hours of the most excruciating pain I have ever had in my life. I have had a lot of dental work done and they (my emergency dentist) wanted $6,800.00 dollars to do a three-tooth bridge. That was after two dental insurance policies would be depleted.

My friend’s father always has come to Dr. Garita’s Dental Practice and has a place in Jacó Beach, Puntarenas. We had already planned a vacation here in Costa Rica, so it all seemed to fall into place.

For 3600 dollars six front teeth

I emailed to Doctor Mario Garita Dental Implants Clinic my records. They took me and for $3,600.00 did six of my front teeth. Which I love!!! They are all crowned and beautiful now. That was done in two appointments over the course of my ten-day vacation.

I just could not be happier. I am going to recommend him to my niece who has been waiting and waiting for an implant. And I am going to book my next appointment before I leave, for an implant I need.

Sharon Fitzgerald

From Richmond, Virginia, United States.

“I just highly recommend his practice. Everyone here is a perfectionist and they treat you like they have known you forever when you walk in the door.”

Case Details

ClientSharon Fitzgerald
Date: January 29, 2020
From: Richmond, Virgina, USA.

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