Lincoln Pantoja

Costa Rican Dentistry, as the USA quality, but less than 60% cost.
July 04, 2019

My name is Lincoln Pantoja. I live in New Jersey. I have been struggling with my dental problems for a while. After a lot of research and trial, I decide to look outside of the United States for dental services that are cheaper (dental prices less than 60% cost) and the same or better quality than the one we get in the States.

Recently, one year ago,  I did research online and I found Dr. Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic services.

I was astonished by the reviews (dental services are less than 60% cost with USA quality)

Then I decided to give it a try. I came last year, had my surgery and this is the second phase. I’m almost at the end. Look at the results, I’m very happy.

I have to be very grateful for the service I have received here in Costa Rica. At the same time I was able to go through Costa Rica and make tourism.

Lincoln Pantoja, from new Jersey get a brand new smile at Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic, with USA quality, but less than 60 % costI am really satisfied, and very grateful to the staff, specially to Dr. Garita, Dr. Lee, the assistance. They are all awesome.

Do not hesitate to come over and see by yourself what we have here in Costa Rica regarding dental care (USA quality, but dental prices less than 60% cost).

Thank you very much.

Lincoln Pantoja
New Jersey

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