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Tamim Secander

All on Six® – All on Four®

Tamim Secander is an All On Six patient. 

I just got back home from Costa Rica and had him and his team do my All on 6. The staff was amazing along with the wonderful ladies up front.

I went down there with the goal of getting the All on Four®, however he wanted to do the All on Six®. When I heard that that I freaked out because I thought they were going to pull a bait and switch and charge me a lot more then what they told me at first. However when he explained to me why it made perfect sense. I freaked out over nothing because the price for All On Four and All On Six are very close. It was not that much more so I went ahead and did the all on 6.

I love my new smile.

He did a wonderful job (All On Six). I had pain for the first 12 hours and that was it. Just very very sore and my face swelled up. I am four days out since my surgery and it’s now starting to feel better. I love my new smile. I am no longer embarrassed to smile and talk. The temporary teeth are weird and bulky but that’s ok because my mouth needs to heal so I can get my permanent teeth in 5 or 6 months. If you are on the fence about using him, don’t be! I am very pleased with his work. Can’t wait to come back in 5 or 6 months. Also I would stay at the Out Of Bounds hotel. It’s less than 5 minutes away and you can even walk to his office! Thank you doctor and your staff!

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Age: 35 years old
Treatment: All on 4® upper and lower

I´m very pleased with his work

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