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Date: November 20, 2013
Age: 71
Treatment: Dental implants and crowns
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Hello Ana, Sharon, Dr. Mario, Dr. Ortiz, Dr. Juan:

This letter is to acknowledge & thank you, the friendly & professional staff I met at the Mario Garita dental clinic.

Dr. Mario Garita is more than a dentist, he’s an artist.

My dentist in Calgary, AB, Canada, is recognized as one of the best dentists in the city. When I asked about implants to replace molars that had been extracted when I was only fourteen, he said there was not enough bone to hold the post of an implant. After my topographic X-ray in Costa Rica, Dr. Mario, said I had enough to support a shorter but wider than usual post, so rather than a 13mm one, he used a wider 9mm post. His confidence reassured me and once he started work in my mouth I knew it was justified.

Two years ago I had 2 implants done in Canada & 2 years before that I had another two done so I recognized the skill behind his work. The gum area was the problem, as after more than 50 years without a tooth the gums had receded, but Dr Mario had a periodontist who worked out of his office & in one visit I had skin grafted to the gum line around the 2 new implants.

There was infection under one of my 4 year old implants & that was cleaned out & stitched up. This meant 5 days of antibiotics & pain pills but on the 6th day the healing was well underway with some tenderness remaining. Day 7 was the checkup with Dr Ortiz the periodontist & removal of the stitches.

Normally I would have been done & good to go home but after discussion with Dr. Mario about future dental care  I opted to have an extraction and another implant done beside the previously infected site. Originally I had planned to do that on the next visit when I would have the caps put on the implants (between 3-6 months later).

By opting to have it done now I would save myself a third visit and have all 3 caps done on the next visit. The old implant (previously infected) was at a bad angle & would have to come out (ouch that cost me $4000 4 years ago in Canada)  However Dr. Mario would build a one tooth bridge during the next visit between the remaining old implant and the new one.

I then spoke to Dr. Juan who specializes in porcelain crowns & veneers as I had metal showing at the gum line from older crowns. He said he could replace them but not this trip as my mouth needed time to heal. Next visit I will have those crowns replace  for $550 each & then I will have the “after” photos taken!

Why come to Costa Rica for dental work?

Well, as a newly retired teacher living on a reduced income, cost is a major consideration. Prices have risen dramatically in Calgary and what I had paid previously for implants had increased by 1/3. (I actually had an estimate for one implant of $6600) For the cost of one implant at home I had a flight, accommodations, a “mini-vacation”, X-rays, periodontal work, 1 extraction, 3 implants & a bridge. Dr. Mario has his own state of the art dental clinic with a lab on site. He is personable, talented, efficient and a gifted implant specialist and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone considering dental care.

I made my own air & lodging arrangements using AirBnB.com and stayed in the upscale suburb of Escazu at the beautiful home of Liza Morning – Google “Living in Luxury for Peanuts” on the AirBnB.com website. She is also a registered massage therapist and I had a weekly massage while there, also highly recommended, especially after hiking near Arenal Volcano or my visit to Manuel Antonio National Park.

For those of you not comfortable making your own transportation & accommodation plan Dr. Mario has Charlie Dennard as his Patient Coordinator & he will look after that for you if you visit WeLoveCostaRica.com.

I am looking forward to the return trip when the caps will be placed & I will have less pain & more time to explore this beautiful country. Did I mention it was snowing in Calgary? Here it’s warm & sunny every day with a shower in the afternoon, it is November!

You dental health is in good hands with Dr. Mario Garita, check him out at MarioGarita.com 

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