Excited about saving easily at least 60% if not more

Saving in America?

It’s really possible to get saving in America? Read the Mike Dengerink story here in Costa Rica Mario Garita MP Dental Experience: I was traveling around in Europe, had some teeth problem and I knew America is way too expensive for what I needed to geet done. So I went down to Costa Rica.

I was so nerveous about do anything outside of the United States just because I think Americans are selfconditioned to think only america’s got the good dentist. But only america has the upper prices that’s what I would say. (Note from the web: Mario Garita MP Dental Experience in Costa Rica offers top quality and great saving prices comapred with USA)

I come down here and I had a more easygoing dental experience than I think I ever had. Now granted. I just got done. So, maybe a year later, or many years later I have a different oppinion. But right now this was the best experience.

The Doctors are all very sweet. The Doctor Juan did a bunch of my crowns. And I actually had come in here to do a couple of implants, and they actually talk out of bit into bridges overdoing it, over killing it.

I ended up agreeing with them and so I apreciate them to talking me off doing way more work than I needed to get done. But this is my smile now, it wasn’t that bad before. But this is it now and I really apreciete the work Dr. Juan and Dr. Natalia did. She is amazing, if you get your shots, your mouth numb by anybody. She is the sweetiest gentiliest Doctor I think I ever ran across the soft spoken.

Saving time. 

The whole organization, is super organized. I didn’t wait like you do in American Dental Offices or Hospitals. You go in there and wait even though they’re your appointment was hours ago.

Every time I came here in I’d say my average time waitng was five to ten minutes. So they are super organized.

That’s all I can think of right now. But I’m really excited about the work thay did and excited about saving easily at least 60% if not more of what it would cost me in America.

So I apreciate it guys.

Mike Dengerink, from Austin, Texas.

Project Details

Client: Mike Dengerink
Date: October 26, 2017
From: Austin, Texas. USA.
In brief: “…America is way too expensive for what I needed to be done so I went to Costa Rica… I had a more easy dental experience!...” GET AN ESTIMATED dental experience in Costa Rica with Doctor Mario Garita,  he awaits for you