Xinia Sanabria Pérez

Social Responsibility 2016

This is a story from our plan and social responsibility yearly project.

Mrs. Xinia María Sanabria Pérez is a person without economic resources who gets her livelihood by asking for money in a corner of San José downtown and in the company of her faithful companion, a little street dog. She is a person who has no vices, is not aggressive or bad intentions. Lives in a “cuartería” in Desamparados and pays ¢10,000.00 a day (estimated US$20.00) for rent so she has no money free for other things. Her daughter is at Buen Pastor jail, so Mrs. Xinia visits her daughter every Thursday.

Our patient, Mrs. Silvia Chaves, helps her with money and food. But Mrs. Xinia told about her pain: that she did not eat well, that she had pain and discomfort in her mouth. So, Doña Silvia requested collaboration at the Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic “The Dental Experience”. Thanks to their Social Responsibility 2016 plan, they did not think twice to change the life of this person by providing totally free dental treatment through dental prostheses.

Now Mrs. Xinia Sanabria Pérez feels more motivated and eager to take care of herself when she sees her new personal appearance. However, she wants to stay on the streets with her dog, getting  basic daily sustenance.

The new project of Mrs. Silvia Chaves is to get Doña Xinia a more suitable place to live where she can pay a little less rent and be more accessible to her.

Project Details

Client: Xinia Sanabria Perez
Date: July 05, 2016
Age: 52 years

Removal of all parts and manufacture of removable prostheses. Bone regularization.