Stellar, absolutely fantastic

Dental Experience

Hello, my name is Larry Urban. My experience here at Dr. Garita (Dental Clinic) has been stellar, absolutely fantastic.

I came here with five teeth, I’m talking “total” five teeth. And they transformed my mouth from an embarrassment, something I didn’t even want my wife to look at, to a stunning movie star quality. And I Show you (watch in the video how Larry shows his new dental implants). If you look at this here, the top, and the bottom. I finally have confidence and I’m proud.

My brother’s been here before me, my whole family is coming after. The professional courteous, the staff is fantastic, the customer service is top priority (in Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic).

“My best experience” that I ever had in my life was coming here. And they give me the confidence again that I need in my life.

I could not have been better. I look beautiful …

Laurence Urban

Project Details

Client: Laurence Urban
Date: July 15, 2017
From: Florida, United States
In brief: “… my experience here at Dr. Garita has been stellar, absolutely fantastic…” GET AN ESTIMATED dental experience in Costa Rica with Doctor Mario Garita,  he awaits for you