We care for your health.

This is Doctor Mario Garita, speaking to you from home.

Today we have to shut down our office operations because we care for your health.

We want apologize for any inconvinience. Thank you for your patience and please re-schedule.

Please keep in mind that as of right now we can schedule your appointments for dates after April 13th.

One more thing: please be #SafeAtHome.

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Costa Rica will open air borders to USA Citizens.

The good news comes after two other openings: As of October 1st, residents from California and Ohio can travel to Costa Rica. And as of October 15th, residents of the states of Florida, Georgia and Texas will be able to enter the country.
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Costa Rica welcomes tourists from nine USA states.

Three more to come on September 15th The good news continues. First, flights from Canada and the European Union were authorized to enter Costa Rica in August. Then, tourists from nine states from the U.S.A. will be able to enter as of September 1st Now, we gladly add the good…
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