It is well known that a beautiful smile is a sign of wellness and self-esteem.

People who have lost their teeth due to cavities, trauma, root canal failure, severe gum disease (Periodontitis) or some other factors, often are embarrassed when talking and even more when they smile. They also have a hard time eating their favorite foods and it can also cause other bite related problems like TMJ, muscle pain, back pain, headaches, etc.

At our office, MP ADULT DENTISTRY OF COSTA RICA, we have all the solutions for your dental problems. We will do a full examination and with the aid of x-rays and 3D Cone Beam Tomography we will obtain a clear and accurate diagnosis.

Once this is ready we will present a variety of treatment options and will determine what is best for you. At the same time, you can enjoy a well deserved vacation in Costa Rica.

Dr. Mario E. Garita DDS is a Specialist in Implant Dentistry. Graduated from University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Florida, U.S.A. He was the first implant specialist in Costa Rica and is one of the few Board certified by the Costa Rican Board of Dentistry. He is also accredited by AAAHC International which is a worldwide Hospital and Clinic certification agency that is dedicated to guarantee quality services and safe environment for both, patients and employees. He has more than 28 years of experience in the field and is widely known for his capacity and understanding of the patient needs. He is the guide for all the other team member specialists that work around him providing top dental services in a wonderful environment.

The typical patient is the individual who expects the very best in dental treatment at a fair price. This motivates our staff to be updated and give their best effort during any stage of treatment, from the first call to the final delivery of the new beautiful healthy smile. The materials and technology we use are the very best FDA approved and newest on the market for the best quality results. Dr. Mario’s experience is recognized and appreciated by hundreds of patients from all around the world. He is privileged to care for some very famous teeth and he knows how to give
you that great smile you where meant to have.

Dr. Mario Garita doing magicSome of our services include dental implants and reconstructive dentistry, sedation dentistry, crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, overdentures, etc. We also take care of all other dental procedures like cleanings, root canals, laser whitening, composite fillings, etc.

We have a full “in house” laboratory, equipped with the newest technology on the market such as CEREC CAD/ CAM with the most modern porcelain technology, his way the patient can be assured that his new smile will be done with a more personal touch.

So, now you know. Come visit us and trust your smile to the best!

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