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Dr Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic

We insist that you, our patient, are well informed and ready for whatever treatment is right for you.

Mario Garita Dental Experience is a dental clinic in Costa Rica that provides high-quality dental services to its patients. The clinic is known for its modern facilities, advanced technology, and experienced dentists who offer a range of services, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and implant dentistry.

One of the main reasons why people choose to come to Mario Garita Dental Experience is the cost. The clinic offers dental treatments at significantly lower prices than in the United States and other developed countries. Additionally, the clinic offers a range of personalized dental packages that include transportation, lodging, and other services to make the entire experience more comfortable and convenient for patients.

Furthermore, the clinic has a team of bilingual staff who can assist patients with language barriers and provide them with all the necessary information and guidance throughout the treatment process.

Overall, Mario Garita Dental Experience in Costa Rica can be a good option for those seeking high-quality dental care at affordable prices in a modern facility, with personalized attention and services.

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Here is what you can expect on your first day with your Costa Rica dentist in our dental clinic:

First, we will perform a complete examination of your mouth including a panoramic x-ray shot. We also use the 3D scan as standard care to diagnose and formulate your best treatment option.

Then, we will verify your general health and, if needed, conduct blood tests and urinalysis.

We’ll look for drug allergies and any chronic problem that could affect our dental implants. We want to be sure you are healthy and will heal properly. We will inform you about dental implants from start to finish. You will know exactly what is needed to replace your missing teeth and enable you to regain a normal life.

Our implants will also help you to resolve pain and gagging from dentures and improve the symmetry and appearance of your face.

Our goal is to make your visit a pleasure.