It is nostalgic to remember the Hollywood movies showing the sumptuous caravans and tents of Marco Antonio or Cleopatra, perhaps the idealization of the most luxurious in the world to go campaigning through the Egyptian desert or the Roman mountains. Enter Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor sharing their love on screen and in the real life. The truth is that when we have camped reality has shown us that it is far from the scenes of “Cleopatra” by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Of course, camping is a rewarding experience, from the organization, to the assembly, the enjoyment of the trip, and then the organization of the return, the cleaning and removal of everything. It is very nice, very organized, but it can be very tired to a certain extent. Whether it’s in a RV, or with things in the back of the car, more than once we’ve said: “It would be nice to arrive and find everything ready and installed and just have to camp and enjoy the beach, the sea, the sand and the sun”.

Camping is magical. It is very different from an all-included. The relationship with the nearby nature, being able to sleep in the open air, being aware of whether it is raining or windy or if it is cold, all this reminds us of our human quality and leads us to enjoy this wonderful world to the fullest. It’s wellness reloaded, in Costa Rica


On the shores of Costa Rica’s Gulf of Nicoya, a truly inspiring travel experience beckons. Each of our 15 glamping tents combines the exhilaration and thrill of camping with the glamorous appointments of traditional beach resorts. Designed so that every guest may enjoy a deeply relaxing stay and delight in the ocean views all tents feature a King bed, a day bed lounger, a private shower and bathroom with double sinks, and a spacious lounging deck with stunning ocean views.

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But the world advances, and it changes. That’s why the beautiful people of Punta Islita, joined the world concert of Camping with Glamor, the GLAMPLING. They offer us to camp in paradise, in Costa Rica. Now with all the comfort and quality of Punta Islita, surrounded by the beautiful Costa Rican landscape.

There are 15 tents with premium quality, at a price more than attractive. Located in the Gulf of Nicoya, in Costa Rica, “Isla Chiquita” is a small island with a promising atmosphere.

The culinary quality of Hotel Punta Islita, and the quality of its service and atmosphere, now with this new offer to experience Costa Rica and its nature in the deep. It is important to remember that although it has all the quality of Hotel Punta Islita, the premium tent works with fans. But as we said, this is an offer for those who really want to relax, enjoy the magical taste of camping, with the level of attention and details of one of the best hotels in Costa Rica, in one of the best beaches in Guanacaste.


Your nature journey begins by traveling from the small town of Paquera to Isla Chiquita by boat. Once you’ve arrived, you will encounter the ultimate glamping experience.



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