Affordable Dental Work Still Means Great Quality and Experience

Affordable doesn’t have to mean sub-par. Especially when it comes to dental procedures in Costa Rica. 

The dental tourism experience in Costa Rica is characterized by affordable treatments. Performed by dedicated, well-trained professionals who are extremely sensitive to each patient’s individual case and desired outcomes.

Patients who opt for a trip to Costa Rica for dental procedures have the added benefit of saving a great deal of money on their dental care. Dental implants that often cost more than $3,000 each in the United States, are priced from $800-$1,000 in Costa Rica.

“The cost difference is so great that people will come to Costa Rica for quality dental work treatment. Although people in the States pay for dental insurance, that coverage is limited to 50% of the cost of the procedure. Often their insurance also limits the annual payout to $2,500. Our charges are about 60% less than in the U.S. and Canada. We use computer-aided design to do the work in-house.” 

Dr. Mario Garita

For example, in North America, an Invisalign dental appliance can run upwards of  $15,000. However in Costa Rica the cost is about a third of that. Using a 3D printer, Dr. Garita fits patients with the proprietary Mario Garita Dental Experience MP ClearAligner, designed and produced right in his office. Most importantly, he teaches the patient how and when to make the necessary adjustments as her teeth improve during the following months back home. It’s quality for an affordable dental work, near of you: in Costa Rica.

Most dentists involved in dental tourism speak fluent English, and many have credentials that would impress most of their peers in the United States. Dr. Mario Garita and his team of doctors and technicians are just such practitioners

Dr. Mario Garita and all of his staff members, including doctors and technicians, have decades of combined experience: 

  • Highly trained at the best Universities of Costa Rica and the United States,
  • Skilled in the latest technology

Here is what a few patients had to say:

It felt more like a day at the spa than a dentist appointment. From the lavender-scented wet cloth to clean my hands while I sat in the waiting room, to the friendly, peaceful attention of the staff, it was an entirely enjoyable experience. Not like any visit to the dentist I’ve ever experienced.

Liane Browning

My local dentist, who is a respected prosthodontics practitioner in Berkeley, CA, was impressed with the quality dental work I received at (Dr. Mario Garita’s) center. He commented that my TMJ alignment was perfect and that he could not have taken on my case for this work.

Doris Iaroli

Mario Garita Dental Implants Costa Rica in short :

  • World-class quality of care;
  • State-of-the-art Technology;
  • Highly trained and qualified doctors; and
  • Pricing is affordable.

Give us a shout out today. Learn more about the affordable dental work and is care you can receive at Dr. Mario Garita The Dental Experience MP. 


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