All On 4 ®: Confidence to lead

Happiness is a human state of satisfaction and fulfillment. Reaching it is not a dream, it is the goal of humanity, of nations, of the family.
Just know how to get confidence to lead: All On 4 ®

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When there is happiness, there are smiles. Helping you to achieve them is our goal.

All On 4 is the procedure of dental implants that, in one appointment, transform lives.

A smile opens doors, builds confidence and shares peace.

It is not vanity, it is tranquility that generates. That is why it is so important. That’s how you get confidence to lead the change, the future, the wonderful world.


A broad smile reflects an effort to transform one’s own life and that of those around us.

Currently, women managers, leaders, country presidents, administrators, engineers in advanced technologies, diplomats, politicians, professionals and entrepreneur, know that a good part of their success lies in having the tools and knowledge to obtain the necessary expected achievements. Therefore, a smile achieved with All On 4 is the fastest method and at the most convenient price to achieve it.

At Mario Garita MP Dental Implants we know it. That’s why we offered the All On 4 system in Costa Rica, at the best price and with the highest standards. Always thinking of giving the best tools to those women who fight for the triumph, not only their own, but also that of all those around them.






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Confidence in love, to lead, to grow together, All On 4.