Clear aligners cost and info

The public prefered option

Clear Aligners are trending for dental alignment because they are less noticeable than traditional braces. In other words, they can only be seen at close range and are almost undetectable in photos.

How to use Clear Aligners?

  • Firtsly, you can remove them for your meals. Therefore it allows you to eat freely.
  • Secondly, you should brush your teeth after every meal before place them back on.
  • Further, you have to worn them all day and all night. But except eating.

Dr. Mario Garita recommends this type of teeth-straightening treatment. Especially because their cost. Mario Garita MP Dental Implants Clinic Clear Aligners are much cheaper than other similar brands.

You should note that while metal braces cost less, Clear Aligner technology is much more practical and comfortable. But not everyone is a candidate. The better is to ask a Mario Garita Dental Clinic orthodontist sooner.

Don’t forget that when you come to our Dental Clinic in Costa Rica, you can do dental tourism while you have your dental alignment treatment. The better is that with the money you save with our Clear Aligners cost, you can take some great selfies in beautiful places in our country. Contributing to your wellness being in these times of pandemic COVID19

How much time should I use Clear Aligners?

Certainly, you will use them between 22 and 23 hours per day to fulfill their purpose.

What happens in patients were dental hygiene is not a priority?

Less risk of developing caries or gum disease. Remember that food won't get stuck like metal brackets .

How frequently should be adjusted?

Clear Aligners should be adjusted every two weeks

Am I a candidate for Clear Aligners?

This product is recommended for cases that need small adjustments.

Need to know more about Clear Aligners?

Let's talk

At Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic you can schedule a phone call.  During phone call we can explain everything you need to know and determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

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