My name is Dimitry Vinogradov and I’m now a long time patient of Dr. Mario Garita, and my wife Daria as well.

We came here first, i’d say, about three to four years ago. I needed a major dental work. Actually the lower bridge broke off. So Dr Garita put in an excellent, slowly superb implants and then a bridge over them. Also he did on my upper left jaw an excellent work with also two implants and a bridge of three crowns. So the dental work was tremendously, well done.

Both my wife and I are extremely happy with this Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic and the Doctors that work here.

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So each time we need to do, maybe not something minor, but more or less, like this time that I came for two crowns. And the doctors were able to save one of the teeth with a very deep cavity. Whereas the U.S. dentist recommended extraction of these tooth and I didn’t want to do it. So they (Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic) were able to save this tooth and they put two excellent crowns on it.

Like I will reiterate we are extremely happy with this dental clinic and very caring personnel, the People that work here. We look forward always to come back here, for our dental needs and one another touch.

I would like to add, like maybe most people, I’ve always been extremely nervous visiting dentists in the past and I never thought in my life that I would enjoy visiting my dentist.

So, like again, I’m super happy and I congratulate people of Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic for the fantastic job they do. Again I’m looking forward to coming back here in the future.

Dimitri Vinogradov

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