Patrick and Pat Caldwell


Date: November 21, 2012

Review: You and your wife will not be disappointed with their work. When you go to Costa Rica, enjoy the people and the country while you are there.

My wife had six implants, two previous implants that were done wrong corrected, and had about every tooth in here mouth crowned.  She had experienced problems with her teeth for about ten years.  The dentists here were destroying her teeth.  I had read an article in the Charlotte Observer, “Travel Far and Open Wide”, and told my wife that we should go to Costa Rica for a vacation and have a consult with Dr. Mario Garita.  No commitments.  We contacted him and discussed her problems.  X rays were sent.  Estimates were given.  We booked our flights.  Dr. Garita made reservations at the Courtyard for us and an appointment was made for a consult for the morning after our arrival.  Dr. Garita discovered the problem with my wife’s teeth.  The dentists in the States had created a misalignment of her teeth, destroying crowns that had been done, creating an overbite, causing headaches and teeth grinding.  She probably was going to lose her front teeth in the near future because of the stress that her lower teeth was having on her upper teeth.   Dr. Garita spent all morning with my wife.  Wei decided to let him do the work.  He told us that due to her condition we may have to come back in six months in order for her mouth to heal after the implants were done.  He said once he got started with the implants, he could determine if My wife was a candidate for the one step implant/crown procedure, though he doubted she would be.   We asked when He could get started.  His reply, “this afternoon”.  Needless to say, my wife has a perfect smile now.  We did go to Costa Rica six months after the implants.  All of the work was done for less than $20,000.00.  If this was done in the states, it would have been over $50,000.00.  Dr. Garita helped us arrange tours, and we even spent four days with Him and His family in Monte Verde.  The Garita’s are super nice people.  He and His wife Priscilla are perfectionists.   You and your wife will not be disappointed with their work.  When you go to Costa Rica, enjoy the people and the country while you are there.  The food is excellent and the people are helpful and charming.  Don’t hesitate to call either me or my wife if you have any questions.

Patrick and Pat Caldwell

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