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“Doctor Mario Garita – Maestro, Magic, Master-perfectionist. Yes, this Doctor really has special talent!”

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I am 66 years old MD from Belarus, a member of the former Soviet Union.

Both of my parents were Mechanical Engineers, intelligent people who took good care of my health, including my teeth. But as long as I can remember I have had problems with my teeth. It was a common problem in my country. We did not have a good climate, only seeing the sun for a short period during the summer and we did not get enough fruits and vegetables, thus we did not have enough vitamins and minerals to nourish and build our teeth, especially vitamin D.

In my bad luck I at least had some good luck. As an adult in Belarus I had good Dentist, who was and is one of my closest friends. And when I came to America I found a good specialist, a graduate of Emory University, one of the top dental colleges in America with several decades of experience. But couple years ago I started to experience very serious problems, one after another.

My dentist tried the best and then sent me to different specialist including an endodontist, a periodontist, an oral surgeon, even an ENT who was a professor in Emory University. Everyone offered something different but nothing solved my problems.

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Finally, my good luck brought me to Costa Rica, where I met my savior – Dr. Mario Garita.

At our 1-st meeting he listened to me very carefully, then sent me for panoramic exam and after that for 3-D dimensions scan. When he saw whole picture, he made his decision. His plan was complete reconstruction of my mouth.

Nobody in USA even considered this global approach. Perhaps it was because they knew few could afford all the work necessary at prices charged in the US.

Oh, I am so grateful for this decision! Our mouth is a gate to our body. Since you are what you eat, almost all problems with our health started in the mouth.

He started the next day.

After Dr. Garita had worked with me for two or three hours without a break I asked him, “Aren’t you tired?” and his answer was “ No, I love my job!”.

That day the volume of his work was tremendous! He removed all my 20-30 years old crowns, extracted 5 teeth and put in 7 implants, some with bone grafts.

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If you are wondering how I survived, I can tell you that it was easy. I even did not need conscious sedation, which is normally administered. And I know what it means to extract tooth. Dr. Garita is just Magic! He has a magic touch!

I left his office with temporaries; nobody could tell they are not mine teeth. I even had compliments on them.

In 6 months I returned to Costa Rica for completion of my “dental project”.

It was such a pleasure to meet Dr. Mario again. ith all his wonderful skills and love to his job, he has such amazing personality! Always smiling, very friendly with his staff, always joking. And this time he was in his new building – beautiful!

My only regret is that since my “project” is over I do not have a reason to see Dr. Garita. Or his wonderful staff!

My great thanks to everybody who assisted Dr. Garita. Everybody in his office was wonderful!

As I told Dr. Garita, it is impossible to suppress my smile after visiting his office.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_accordion][vc_column_text]My best wishes!

Anna Castro

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Date: February 25, 2013

Dr. Mario Garita removed all my 20-30 years old crowns, extracted 5 teeth and put in 7 implants, some with bone grafts.

Yes, this Doctor really has special talent!

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