Dental Travel Info & Hotels

Is this your first dental vacation in Costa Rica with Mario Garita Dental Clinic? That’s no problem! When you sign up for one of our dental vacation packages, our goal is to make sure we deliver a superior customer service experience. We have spent years perfecting our international dental services and are proud of the high caliber work and experience we provide our patients.

Dental Vacation Packages | 55% less than US pricing

When you choose The Dental Experience with Mario Garita, MP, we are dedicated to making sure you have a high quality and affordable dental vacation in Costa Rica.

Airport Arrival

At your arrival at the Juan Santamaría International Airport (IATA: SJO) you will be received by a person with a banner with your name on it. It is our FREE AIRPORT SHUTTLE SERVICE from the Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) to our Dental Clinic or your accommodations in Escazu and surrounding areas. We understand you may have questions during your arrival for your first dental vacation in Costa Rica, so whoever receives you at the airport will help you in case you have any problem inside the restricted areas of the airport and will guide you to the taxi station.

Free Shuttle

IMPORTANT INFO: Our FREE AIRPORT SHUTTLE SERVICE is available to you for your first visit. If you need further assistance for a future medical tourism stay in Costa Rica for dental work, our team can arrange transfers with a local taxi company and you can compensate them directly. UBER is also widely available in the San Jose area. Remember to coordinate this free service with our Patient Coordinator.


For your accommodation, we can recommend some hotels, bed and breakfast, apartments/hotels and retreats. Most importantly, some of them have special rates for Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic’s patients, therefore they will give you a VIP treatment.


We can also assist you coordinating a variety of activities for the days that you will not have appointments during your stay in Costa Rica. For example: tours, visits to museums, beaches and some other dental tourism adventures.

Where We Are

Our offices are located 300 meters North from McDonald’s Guachipelín, in the fashionable suburb of Escazú. That is to say, about five minutes west of San José, the capital city. On the other hand, all around our dental office you will find great shopping and dining establishments, a number of fine hotels and bed-n-breakfasts.

Hotels Near Our Offices

Near Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic are several hotels. Often a lot of our patients frequently include these comfortable places. In addition, we had included the distance and an estimated time to travel in a car or walking, if it is razonable and you love to breathe and enjoy Costa Rica sidewalks.

Boutique Hotel Out of Bounds

Out Of Bounds

1km west from the Centro Commercial Paco on the 121 Road Escazu
0.8 miles from clinic
4 min in car from Clinic
15 min walk from Clinic

Tel: 506 2288-6762
e-mail: info@bedandbreakfastcr.com
Website: boutiquehotelescazu.com/rooms

Hotel Costa Verde Inn

Hotel Costa Verde Inn

2 miles from clinic
9 min in car from Clinic
42 min walk from Clinic

Tel: 506 2228 4080
e-mail: inn@costaverde.com
Website: www.costaverdeinn.com

• Rustic hotel
• Beautiful views.

Holiday Inn Escazu

Holiday Inn Escazu

Next to Cima Hospital, Plaza Tempo, Prospero Fernandez Hwy
1.5 miles from clinic
8 min in car from Clinic
25 min walk from Clinic

Tel: 506 2506-5000
e-mail: reservashi.escazu@agrisal.com
Website: www.ihg.com/holidayinn

Suites Cristina

Suites Cristina

Hotel – Apartment Residencce Inn

300 meters north, ICE building, Sabana Norte
5 miles from clinic
21 min in car from Clinic

Tel CRC: 506 2220-0453
Tel USA: 1-773-897-3585
Website: www.apartotelcristina.com

La Sabana

La Sabana

Hotels • Suites • Apartments

Sabana Norte, 150 meters north from Rostipollos Restaurant.
5 miles from clinic
22 min in car from Clinic

Tel: 506 2220 2422
e-mail: info@HotelAndApartmentsLaSabana.com
Website: hotelandapartmentslasabana.com

Ester's Place

Ester's Place

Avenida Roble 2B, Trejos Montealegre, Escazu.
5 miles from clinic
16 min in car from Clinic
30 min walk from Clinic (short distance, 2 miles)

Tel: 506 8815-7562
e-mail: estersita1811@gmail.com

See pictures in booking.com
• Bedrooms all have private bathroom and television
• For additional fee will cook speacial meals.

Hotel Wyndham Garden

Hotel Wyndham Garden

San Rafael de Escazu West side of EPA Store
3 miles from clinic
12 min in car from Clinic
50 min walk from Clinic

Tel: 506 4031 9987
e-mail: reservaciones@wyndhancr.com
Website: www.wyndhamhotels.com

Hotel Intercontinental

Hotel Intercontinental

In Front Of Multiplaza , Shopping Center , Escazu
0.8 miles from clinic
5 min in car from Clinic
17 min walk from Clinic

Tel: 506 2208-2100
e-mail: inter.sjo@r-hr.com
Website: www.ihg.com/intercontinental

• Next to large Mall – Multi Plaza

Country Inn & Suites

Country Inn & Suites

Sobre Autopista General Cañas, Ciudad Cariari, Heredia
12 miles from clinic
23 min in car from Clinic

Tel: 506 22392272
e-mail: reservaciones@countryinn.co.cr
Website: www.radissonhotels.com

Hotel Sheraton San Jose

Hotel Sheraton San Jose

Route 27, 350 meters west from Multiplaza
0.7 miles from clinic
2 min in car from Clinic
15 min walk from Clinic

Tel: 506 4055 0505
Website: marriott.com/sheraton

Casa de las Tías

Casa de las Tías

B&B Small Boutique Hotel

San Rafael de Escazú
4 miles from clinic
15 min in car from Clinic
45 min walk from Clinic

Tel: 506 2289 5517
e-mail: info@casadelastias.com
Website: www.casadelastias.com

• US$70 for one person and
• US$80 for two people
• The breakfast is included.
• Laundry service free.
• No television in the bedroom only in the living area.
• Private bathroom in every room.

Marriot Residence Inn

Marriot Residence Inn

Ave. Escazu Complex Prospero Fernandez Hwy
2 miles from clinic
9 min in car from Clinic
31 min walk from Clinic

Tel: 506 2588-4300
e-mail: caroll.blanco@marriothotels.com
Website: www.marriott.co.uk

• In an open shopping center with Restaurants, Food court, Movie theater, convinience store and upper scale retail.

Quality Hotel Real San Jose

Quality Hotel Real San Jose

Autopista Prospero Fernandez, Costado Este Forum
7 miles from clinic
15 min in car from Clinic
82 min walk from Clinic

Tel CRC: 506 2204-6700
Tel USA: 877-424-6423
Website: www.choicehotels.com

• Near restaurants and shopping

ApartStudio El Bosque

ApartStudio El Bosque

In front of the Ezequiel Morales School in Piedades de Santa Ana, on the main street.
6 miles from Clinic
16 min in car from Clinic

Tel CRC: 506 88366318
e-mail: elbosquecr@hotmail.com
Website: Facebook/ElBosqueCR

• If you come for cosmetic, general or dental procedures, you will get a special rate

Apartotel Don Francisco

Apartotel Don Francisco

Boutique Hotel Lodging Solution

San Rafael de Escazu
0.6 miles from clinic
3  min in car from Clinic
15 min walk from Clinic (ten blocks)

Tel: 506 2289 2272
e-mail: cservices@hoteldonfrancisco.com
Website: hoteldonfrancisco.com

Marriot Courtyard Escazu

Marriot Courtyard Escazu

Let adventure speak to you

Prospero Fernandez Hwy, Marginal N Street, Plaza Itskatzu
2 miles from clinic
6  min in car from Clinic
35 min walk from Clinic

Tel: 506 2208 3000
e-mail: caroll.blanco@marriothotels.com
Website: www.marriott.com

• In open plaza

Hotel Radisson San Jose

Hotel Radisson San Jose

Central Street & 3rd-15th Avenue, San José
8 miles from clinic
30 min in car from Clinic

Tel: 506 2010 6000
e-mail: info@radisson.co.cr
Website: www.radissonhotels.com

• Near the San José city center

Apartotel Villas del Río

Aparthotel Villas del Río

John F Kennedy Street, 136st.
East side of the Costa Rica Country Club
San Rafael, Escazú.
1.2 miles from clinic
7  min in car from Clinic
26  min walk from Clinic

Tel CRC: 506 2208-2400
Tel USA: 1-833-533-5746
e-mail: reservation@villasdelrio.com
Website: www.villasdelrio.com

Why Pick The Dental Experience | Mario Garita MP

If you’re exploring medical tourism in Costa Rica for dental procedures, the team with Mario Garita offers a variety of premium services at affordable prices. We are able to perform simple services from teeth whitening and routine cleanings, to complex procedures such as root canal treatments and dental implants.

Dental work in Costa Rica is considerably more affordable than in other locations in the world. Plus, with the expertise and experience of Dr. Mario Garita and his team of U.S. trained specialists, you can finally receive the much-needed dental work you need and experience one of the most beautiful places in the world without having to overspend!

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.