If you are thinking about Dental Implants, there are 3 things you need to consider:

  1. Surgeon or Dental Implant Specialist must be properly trained, experienced, and up to date on latest advances in Implant Dentistry.
  2. Clinic – must be modern with the latest technology and committed to using only the highest quality materials.
  3. Manufacturer of the dental implants/other parts required for a successful restoration – must offer a lifetime guarantee and have a big footprint in the industry to ensure availability of spare parts and a deep bench of geographically dispersed Doctors with the appropriate tools/training available for when maintenance is required.

In Implant Dentistry, getting to the top is difficult, and staying on top is even harder! It is true for Doctors, their clinics, and their suppliers.

Dr. Mario Garita has long been a Dental Implant Specialist. He completed his training at the University of Miami in 1994. Since then, he has placed more than 25,000 dental implants and completed more than 700 All on 4® cases. And now, at the top of his dental game, Dr. Garita has become known as the Father of the All on 4 ® in Costa Rica. To stay up to speed on the latest advance in Implant Dentistry, he and his Team continuously attend courses and symposiums around the world held by the leading manufacturers, cutting edge researchers, developers and other world renowned Surgeons.

To make sure their Patients were going to be able to relax, completely, and give our Doctors their best chance at delivering their best work, Drs. Garita and Rojas made the investment of a lifetime in building new dental facilities in 2015. Everything was ergonomically designed for the comfort of Dental Tourists from North America, easy patient flow, and for efficiency to deliver a full range of dental treatments. By placing a Zen garden in the center of the Clinic, and a hi-end massage chair in a small cubby near the operatory, Drs. Garita and Rojas have managed to all but eliminate the stress and anxiety Patients associate with dental care, and accommodate their amazing Team of Specialists.

Just as great musicians need talent and a great place to play, they also need great instruments. In Dentistry, there are many – some for the Doctor to utilize as tools, and others are for the patients; products used to prepare for restorative efforts or to serve as foundations for them. Since Dr Garita is focused on Implant Dentistry, dental implants remain one of the most important products he sources on a regular basis, so he decided to use the BEST. He now proudly works with Nobel Biocare dental implants, and has become the first and only Certified Dental Surgeon in Central America to place them.

Dr. Mario Garita, arguably the most experienced Dental Surgeon in Costa Rica, now practices dentistry at his new clinic, The Dental Experience, where he maintains a full inventory of the BEST implants required to deliver the signature All on 4 ® solution by Nobel. If you or anyone you know is ready to restore their teeth, or have a complete new set made, please contact us at www.dentalimplantscr.com

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