Best Accommodations For Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Costa rica dental tourism

For individuals interested in Costa Rica dental tourism, a common concern we’re often asked about is where to stay during your visit.

When going abroad for dental work in Costa Rica, you may not have the same kind of support that you would have back home, especially during recovery. For that reason, the way a person experiences medical tourism in Costa Rica can be greatly impacted by the hotel or resort they choose. Fortunately, a good number of these locations specialize in dental recovery for patients, to receive the support you need as you recover from a procedure.

There’s a reason why Costa Rica is the best country for dental tourism. Many of the recovery centers and vacation rentals in Costa Rica frequently offer the same amenities as a 4 or 5-star resort hotel, at a fraction of the cost. The added benefit of a kitchen and sometimes even a laundry facility only makes a vacation rental that much more attractive. You have more choice about when and where you eat, plus the all the comforts of home during your stay.

Here are some good reasons to choose a recovery center, medical hotel or private vacation rental during your Costa Rica dental tourism stay:

  • Private nursing services are often available at the establishment. If not, they are sometimes offered by Costa Rican doctors and dentists, especially for patients who have traveled in from other countries.
  • There’s no need to worry about dressing appropriately. Just go out for a meal at the hotel’s restaurant, even in your sleep wear if you so choose.
  • Healthy, delicious meals are often prepared for guests who are unable to get around easily. When staying at a vacation rental, it’s easy to book a private chef and daily maid service.
  • Transportation services are often provided for those who need to get safely back and forth for surgery and for follow-up.

Medical Hotels and Recovery Centers For Costa Rica Dental Tourism

The areas around San Jose central are full of great hotels, retreat centers and vacation rentals for Medical Tourism in Costa Rica.

Escazú, sometimes referred to as “Gringo Gulch” has a number of family owned and operated inns, as well as hotels. It’s about 15 minutes from downtown San José. Escazu also has plenty of high-end shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment.

Medical tourism in costa rica

Alajuela (downtown) is 30 minutes from San José and 45 minutes from Escazú. It’s a nice place to get a better understanding of Costa Rican life. It’s in a more rural setting, so you won’t find the perks of modern city life, though the views and weather certainly can’t be beat.

The Retreat in Atenas emphasizes holistic wellness through scheduled daily activities, yoga and organic meals. It’s located 30 minutes from Escazú and about an hour from San Jose through 27th road and “Próspero Fernández” Highway. The Retreat is an upscale escape, as the location is an adult’s only boutique hotel. Prepare for breath taking views and just the right amount of ambiance for rest, relaxation and recovery.

Heredia, with its mountain tops and cooler climate, is a hour from San José or Escazú. Home to the National University, it is known as the City of Flowers. Heredia is home to some lovely boutique hotels, but medical tourists may want to opt for a vacation rental in this area.

If you’re looking for vacation rentals and all-inclusive resort hotels at the beach, the Central Pacific Coast could fit the bill, located less than 90 minutes from San José. Los Sueños Resort and Marina has quite an inventory of condos and villas available for rent. To find the perfect one, check in with HRG Vacations & Rentals.

Looking for all-inclusive and privacy when going abroad for dental work? Croc’s Resort & Casino has suites and family units, which include a private, fully-equipped kitchen.

Other central Pacific coastal towns near San Jose or Escazú include Esterillos and Playa Hermosa. At those beaches vacation rentals and comfortable hotels are plentiful and often right on the beach

Get the Most Affordable Costa Rica Dental Implants

It isn’t hard to find vacation rentals or recovery centers close to your medical provider, and they usually have a list of recommendations they supply to patients. You can also check Airbnb or Stay in Costa Rica for accommodation that fits your budget.


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