What you need to know about the Zoom!® teeth whitening procedure in Costa Rica

Zoom! laser whitening

Cosmetic dentistry is a major reason for dental tourism in Costa Rica and dazzling white smiles are one of the most popular and most requested treatments in cosmetic dentistry. Coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, red wine, and tobacco use stain teeth, leaving them yellowed or darkened. As we age, time also stains and darkens tooth enamel.

The cosmetic whitening process removes stains from teeth and there are several methods, such as bleaching strips, gel, or pens, often used at home. Be especially wary of home products purchased online as they may not have been approved by a professional dental body. Mouthguards and trays from home products may not fit your mouth properly, exposing your gums to potential blistering and irritation from leaking bleach. Results are often less than impressive and could result in increased tooth sensitivity or damage to your tooth enamel, especially if you can’t verify the amount of bleach in the product.

Zoom!® teeth whitening can lighten the natural color of your teeth by as much as 4 shades. It doesn’t damage your teeth, and has no side effects.

Are you considering dental tourism for other procedures? Think about adding whitening to the restoration program suggested by your dentist at Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic. The cost is about half the cost in the U.S.—$400 or less.

Before Zoom!® teeth whitening treatment

Before whitening treatment, the team at Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic will make a thorough dental exam to be sure you have no conditions that will compromise the completion of the whitening procedure. Assuming everything is OK, our technician will prepare your mouth for the whitening treatment and apply the whitening gel to your teeth. With the Zoom! LED lamp, whitening is accelerated and after a few repetitions, you’ll have a whiter, brighter smile. After an application of a protective gel that reduces sensitivity and protects tooth enamel, you’ll be on your way.

The entire process takes about an hour

Afterward, you’ll need to avoid dark and potentially staining foods, such as pasta sauce, as well as coffee, tea, and red wine, for a short period of time. Your dentist will give you specific aftercare instructions.

With Zoom! technology, the entire process takes about an hour and, with proper dental hygiene, you can expect the treatment to be effective for as many as 3 years. Results will vary according to individual circumstances, so ask your dentist if and for how long she guarantees her work.

Our dentists are trained to a high standard, often meeting or exceeding U.S. training. Contact us today to discuss your treatment options and also to learn a little more about traveling to Costa Rica for your cosmetic dental procedures.

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