Peace in El Silencio Lodge

There are different ways of experiencing peace. But there can not be any like being surrounded by peace, tranquility, the depths of nature and silence. That’s “El Silencio Lodge“.

His name (the silence) represents, more than the absence of sound, it is the total existence of love of mother nature. Every pore of our body can feel full to be able to ride its trails, or walk the paths surrounded by hummingbirds and birds, or just feel the tranquility of getting up in the morning and breathe the pure air of the forest, of the mountain, of Costa Rica .

Along with that, El Silencio Lodge offers a wide range of services that will make our stay a relaxing and transformative experience of our balance. El Silencio Lodge is a 100% Wellness place (We asume that, beacause is in the list of Wellness hotels of the – the official promotional website of the Costa Rica Tourism Board)

Just getting there represents the beginning of the adventure. Just 90 minutes from San José, the “Bajos del Toro” (“Low” in Costa Rican refers to the lower parts of the valley, a thalweg, a rough literal translation would be the Bull’s Thalweg or the Bull’s trough) is like name says it (“low” is down) in the lower part. El Silencio Lodge is flanked by the National Parks: Poás Volcano and Juan Castro Blanco.


Once in the valley, we can begin to live and feel wellness in every pore of our body. Peace, tranquility, relaxation.


El Silencio Lodge offers us the opportunity to enjoy local Costa Rican cuisine in its Restaurants: Ventanas and Hierbanueba. Both are nourished with organic products from mini farms typical of the facility, which has more than 500 acres of land.




“The sound of flowing water, whispering breezes, nourishing earth, and the primal flicker of candles converge in harmony for relaxing massages and wellness body wraps.” Standout features include the al fresco Yoga Deck and the Conical Room, designed to channel the Costa Rican forest’s essential life energy. “

Waterfalls, volcanoes, mountains, forests, horseback riding, hiking, yoga, spa, organic food, flavors of Costa Rica, hummingbirds, clouds, fresh air. All that and much more is El Silencio Lodge.


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