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Date: October 23, 2013
From: Charles Town, West Virginia, USA.
“This was a very easy decision. I emailed my panoramic x-ray to Dr. Garita and within 24 hours I received his recommendations”.

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September, 23, 2013

Hello Dr. Mario and Dr. Alvarado, and of course your exceptional staff.  It\’s been five weeks since you and Dr. Alvarado finished my masterpiece.  The comments about my teeth have been wonderful and being able to eat and smile again well there are no words to describe how I feel except to say thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!!

Once again God Bless you and Dr. Alvarado.

October 23, 2013 – I instead selected

After suffering failing teeth and getting many estimates here in the states (80,000 to 100,000) dollars to get a full mouth restoration, I began searching for alternatives outside of the USA.

I finally selected Costa Rica, only 8 to 9 hours from my home in the Washington D.C. area. A country that is safe and its people warm and friendly.  My search for an implant dentist took just a few months.  After speaking and numerous e-mails with over 10 doctors I narrowed my search to 3 doctors and thankfully selected Dr. Mario Garita and Dr. Juan Alvarado.

This was a very easy decision.  I emailed my panoramic x-ray to Dr. Garita and within 24 hours I received his recommendations.

He explained to me that my existing teeth (12) would have to be removed (as I expected) the same answer I received from the dentist here in the states. I did not want four implants with basically dentures attached to the implants like what is offered at (other trademark) with a price of 60,000 dollars. I instead selected to receive a total of 16 implants, 8 upper implants and 8 lower implants and then bridges attached to the implants. I would receive bridges that look and feel just like natural teeth.

Nicer and more modern

I arrived in Costa Rica on the January 15, 2013 and had selected Las Cumbres Inn (a surgery retreat) to stay at during my visit.  At my first appointment I was amazed at Dr. Garita’s practice, a brand new stand alone building with everything I would need all in one place. (Check out his YouTube video with a tour of his dental facility).  By the way his practice was (not kidding) nicer and more modern then you could find anywhere in the states.

We began with his own panoramic x-ray and then we discussed in detail my options.  Dr. Garita spent over an hour explaining what he could do and during this time I was thinking my dentist back home rarely spent 15 minutes with me.  By the way, Dr. Garita and Dr. Alvarado speak perfect English.   I selected the 16 implants with the Bridges and they got to work.  Dr. Alvarado began by numbing me.  I barely felt the needle and after a few minutes Dr. Garita got to work.  He extracted my remaining 12 teeth and completed 2 upper bone grafts.  Dr. Alvarado checked me and gave me some additional shots to be sure I would have no pain as Dr. Garita continued his work.

After the extractions were completed Dr. Garita began to place the implants.  The implants were placed and then I was stitched up.  I remained in the practice for awhile to ensure I was doing okay.  I was made comfortable with blankets and water.  I was prescribed pain medication and given written and oral instructions for the next 48 hours.  They called Las Cumbres Inn. I was picked up and spent the next couple of days recuperating.   I had numerous follow-up visits to check my progress and was fitted with dentures (ugh) to wear for the next 6 months while my implants healed.  [/accordion]

The teeth feel like a perfect fit and color.

On my return trip I arrived in Costa Rica on August 4, 2013, to see how my implants had healed and to receive my new teeth.  Dr. Garita and Dr. Alvarado examined their work and it was all good. Now they started the process of actually making the new teeth.  I was measured and impressions were taken. I was shown from a dental book the style and color that I could select for my new teeth.  The bridges were made from the impressions that were taken.  Their lab is co-located which is very convenient.  Dr.  Alvarado worked for 2 weeks making sure the color, style, and fit were perfect and they were perfect.  I now have a mouth full of teeth which has taken a little time to get use to but now 2 months later the teeth feel like a perfect fit and color.

So completing this review I would have to say it was a remarkable experience.  Dr. Garita and Dr. Alvarado are without a doubt the most talented professionals in the dental field.   They simply would not be satisfied until all my concerns were answered.  So today I am a 60 yr old guy who for the last 20 years had forgotten how to smile and now I cannot stop smiling…..

To Dr. Mario and Dr. Juan and your exceptional staff of professionals may GOD BLESS YOU …

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