Beautiful smile dental treatment: Bambi Robinson, from Punta Gorda, Florida.

Hi, I’m Bambi Robinson, from Punta Gorda, Florida. I came over to Costa Rica and Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic for a full mouth restoration.   I wanted a perfect smile.

Doing the homework

I did a big Google Search on Dental Tourism. I read a lot of reviews. Then I phoned in and talked to the Patient Coordinator, who is Francesca Montenegro, who is absolutely awesome.

I choose four different doctors. But I came to Doctor Garita, because not only did he go to the University of Miami, and I’m a Floridian. But he really represents the Office well. And everybody, there is no one person out there that says anything bad about him. So I thought that was great, that’s awesome, that’s exactly what I want.

Everybody really just loves this Office (Mario Garita MP Dental Office)

I really love the fact that they picked me up at the airport, transportation was provided, they helped me get the hotels that I needed that were close. Just putting it all together was absolutely amazing and easy for me. Reading the fact that everybody really just loves this Dental Office, it was really cool.

The process for my Beautiful Smile Dental Treatment

So I came in February, to have my first appointment with Dr. Garita. I wanted my whole mouth restored, so we had a nice long discussion on how long it’s gonna take, and what I needed to do. Obviously I’m gonna have to come back because to do dental implants you have to place them first and then you have to let them heal. So it was a two visit treatment, and ended up really well. February went really  good. I actually heal pretty quick, I think.

Dr. Garita was absolutely awesome the whole time and was worried about everything that I was worried about. So that was wonderful. I mean, anything I wanted to fix, or I wanted to do. He was just absolutely wonderful with it all.  Wherever I wanted it was gonna happen. And I’m really happy with that too.

What about COVID-19?

Obviously COVID had stopped some of us from actually doing some things. But they are super safe here (at Marios Garita MP Dental Clinic). I mean, like they got their masks on, hand sanitizers everywhere. They have front door protocols, where only one person’s allowed in at a time. It’s really clean. The safety protocols are above and beyond and you wouldn’t be able to get anything better in the United States at all.

A little bit of vacation with it

It’s really really amazing. So a little longer of a process, but I got to have a little bit of vacation with it, so that was kind of cool. We had to work with the Lab on getting the size, shape, colors, everything that I wanted. Specifically to me too. What I felt more comfortable with. Which was great. And then I ended up with this beautiful smile and everything went beautifully.

I actually had Dr Garita and then I also had Dr Garita’s daughter, Dr Garita. Yes, from the University of Michigan. Right and I am madly in love with that too. Just saying.

I obviously recommend absolutely coming down here, to Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic in Costa Rica and getting all your dental work done.

It’s completely worth it.

You can totally have a vacation too.

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  1. They picked me up at the airport,
  2. Transportation was provided,
  3. They helped me get the hotels that I needed that were close,
  4. Just putting it all together was absolutely amazing and easy for me.

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