Costa Rica, one of The 20 Best Places to Travel in 2021

Drinking wine and beer with sight from mountains in Costa Rica

In its October issue, Forbes magazine has published a new article thinking about the wonderful places on earth to travel to in 2021, entitled “The 20 Best Places To Travel In 2021: Where To Go Next”. The person in charge of writing such a wonderful compilation has been Laura Begley Bloom. She is a senior contributor to Forbes magazine, and for that article she gathered the opinions and recommendations of three women, some of the best experts in travel planning.

In the case of Costa Rica, she drew on the knowledge and recommendations of Julie Danziger, the founder of Embark Beyond. Danziger is an expert advisor on luxury travel, and includes Costa Rica among her recommendations. She recognizes that luxury tourism is not what the Central American nation is known for, but she recommends several places and experiences of personalized tourism and high level of wellness in the nation of beautiful beaches, majestic volcanoes and wonderful people.

Why Costa Rica

We especially love the good reasons why Julie recommends coming to Costa Rica, she says why:

  • Costa Rica has maintained one of the lowest Covid-19 fatality rates in Latin America and its government has been recognized for its successful management and containment of the virus, so when the country reopens on November 1 to all Americans who meet the requirements, travelers will be able to return feeling a sense of confidence.
  • Those looking to travel sustainably will also be pleased to see Costa Rica’s progress: This long-time global leader in conservation and sustainability that runs on 99.5% clean and renewable energy plans to achieve complete decarbonization by 2050.

We expose only two of the reasons. There are more. And there are even recommended places to visit and activities to do. We strongly recommend reading them.

Without a doubt Costa Rica will be one of your best options for travel in 2021.

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