When looking at dental implants as a replacement option for missing teeth, you may be debating between all on 4 vs all on 6 dental implants. The term “all on” originates from the fact that, depending on the treatment, your fixed or removable denture will be attached to four or six implants.

While the procedures may seem to be identical and both implants require placement in the jawbone, there are many distinctions between them. It’s important to understand the similarities and differences, as well as options for overseas dental implants to restore your smile.

Similarities And Differences Between All On 4 vs All On 6 Dental Implants

Many individuals who have lost many teeth and wish to restore their smile may benefit from all-on-4 or all-on-6 implants. 

In the past, the traditional options usually involved 8 or 10 implants because the dentist needed to make sure there was enough support. But the “all on” procedure is much faster and provides excellent outcomes for long-term dental restoration and repair.

all on 4 vs all on 6 dental implants

Similarities: All On 4 vs All On 6 Dental Implants

● Both procedures include the surgical placement of dental implants in your jaw. These implants support permanent or removable dentures, preserve the structural strength of your jaw, and simulate the pressure like real teeth.

● Both procedures typically take about two to three hours to be completed and for your comfort, you are placed under IV sedation.

Differences: All On 4 vs All On 6 Dental Implants

● Many choose the All on 6 option because they think it provides more strength, stability, and a better bite, so you have a longer-lasting smile. Most patients don’t have the available bone to place 6 implants. It also takes more time for hygiene and it’s more complicated to keep it clean.

● The All on 4 is an important option because most patients don’t have enough bone volume for the two additional implants. It has great strength and force distribution. It’s also less expensive and easier to clean, so hygiene is much better. 

In terms of materials for the fabrication of the final bridge you can choose between titanium/denture teeth and monolithic zirconia! It’s important to consult with Dr. Mario Garita in order to help you decide which number of dental implants is the best for you.

Why Choose A Costa Rica Dental Tourism Package

Many patients are considering a Costa Rica dental tourism package because of the significantly lesser cost of dental implants abroad and the high quality service. Dental implants abroad cost, particularly in Costa Rica, 60 percent less than in the United States.

Why is there such a big pricing difference?

Unfortunately, in the United States, expenditures are determined by operational expenses rather than quality of treatment. The patient is footing the bill for exorbitant rent and utilities, as well as costly insurance and overstaffing. 

Costa Rica’s overhead is considerably smaller, allowing for more affordable costs, which translates to a lower cost of dental implants for you. Doctor Mario Garita provides the best All on 4 dental implants abroad, as well as All on 6 dental implants. He has performed more than 2000 successful All on 4 treatments in international patients. 

These patients are so satisfied that, whenever they have a chance, they return for a quick check up, cleanings, and bring other friends and family that may benefit from their experience. 

Don’t hesitate and make the most out of the Costa Rica dental tourism package! Please visit our website to learn more, read our testimonials, and schedule an appointment



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