Everything You Need to Know About Veneers


Everything you need to know about veneers

In the grand scope of dental hygiene and maintenance, being aware of everything you need to know about veneers can save you time and stress when looking to perfect your teeth. A veneer is a shell of a material, usually porcelain or ceramic, that is very thin and slightly curved to cover the entire front of a tooth. Veneers are usually made to fit the exact proportions of a patient’s tooth.

Veneers aren’t simply an aesthetic procedure, but a reconstructive one as well, and are a great and effective option for anyone who wishes to fix their smile. Before getting veneers, it’s important to understand how they work, who would need them, and how they are obtainable around the world.

Why Choose Veneers?

There are many reasons why someone would choose veneers to enhance their smile. Some of the main reasons include:

  • Cosmetic Enhancement – Veneers are a great way for people to mask cosmetic flaws in their smile, such as chips, cracks, gaps and stains. Veneers have the appearance of a natural tooth, and can help if someone simply wants a different look to their teeth. Those with naturally small teeth or a gummy smile may also find veneers as a viable option, as they can be designed to extend past the end of a tooth.
  • Whitening – People with stained or worn teeth may find veneers useful. They provide a smooth, white finish over the entire surface of a tooth, and are evenly coated so no patches or spots exist.
  • Straightening – Veneers can be incredibly effective for people with crooked or gapped teeth. However, this usually comes with a more extensive preparation treatment, as more of the original tooth may have to be removed to properly fit the veneer.
  • Long Lasting – If veneers are properly maintained and cared for, they are incredibly long lasting and can last for at least a decade before needing a replacement. They are also permanently cemented to the teeth, providing a natural feel to the surface.

Getting Veneers Abroad

The process of getting porcelain veneers abroad may seem daunting, but many options exist to provide the correct procedure at an affordable rate. Among them is Dr. Mario Garita, a leading specialist in implant dentistry, and the director of the “Dental Implants Center of Costa Rica”. Dr. Garita has spent years perfecting his international dental services, and provides a variety of dental vacation packages from his Costa Rica-based dental clinic.

Dental work in Costa Rica is considerably more affordable than in other locations around the world, and for that reason, the overseas veneer procedure is made incredibly easy by Dr. Garita and his dental vacation packages. From airport arrival, to free shuttling along with hotel accommodations, Dr. Garita’s vacation packages are designed to provide exceptional service with the ease of travel. As Costa Rica is one of the premier dental tourism locations, Dr. Garita has treated more than 6,000 returning patients from the United States and Canada, and has placed over 26,000 implants.

How Much are Veneers in Costa Rica?

At the Dental Experience, Dr. Garita and his team offers affordable veneers specifically tailored to patients who are seeking high-quality, low-cost dental veneers abroad. Interested individuals can contact Dr. Garita to receive an estimate or to schedule an appointment.

General Facts Regarding Veneers

Those interested in pursuing an overseas veneer procedure are advised to learn more about the specifics, and how to properly care for veneers after they’ve been implanted. Veneers feature some risks of breakage, and do require proper maintenance to be as effective as possible, including oral hygiene and follow-up care. Dr. Mario Garita is available to answer any specific questions about the procedure, maintenance, or travel. You can also check out the Dental Center of Costa Rica’s blog for more information.



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