Mrs. Doris Laroli

I came to Dr. Garita’s practice for a full mouth reconstruction. My dentist, back in the San Francisco Bay Area, agreed with my choice to have this work done.

I can tell you that my first impression walking in the office was very pleasent. The staff and the facility are decades ahead of what I’ve ever experienced in the past.

I’m very happy with the work that was done and the outcome. My jaws feel better and I think the teeth look terrific.

I had about seven dentist working on my case. Doctor Juan Alvarado was the leader of my team. I had two dentist working in my mouth at the same time, I was never left alone. It was really a good experience.

They lab is right upstairs. If I temporary need an adjustment or the final tooth it could be done right on the primicies very quickly.

I highly recommended this practice for dental work and the mayor work that I have done turn out very well for me.

So I want to thanks the (Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic) Office. And don’t hessisate to come and use this practice.

Mrs. Doris Laroli

Mrs. Doris Laroli

Date: September 05, 2016
Procedence: San Francisco Bay Area

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