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Hi I’m Roy, I’m a real person. I’m from the San Francisco bay area.

I needed a very expensive dental work done. I like the dentist I have, I think they are excellent but my general dentist and specialist I go to but the work was prohibitively expensive.

So, I went to Doctor Garita. It was a first class experience all the way. Totally. The work was excellent and everything else was great and although is was still a significant amount of money to me I saved a lot of money… a lot.

I can go blind of course I found Doctor Garita in internet and I read about him, I was impressed. But it turned out amazingly that a friend of mine had seen Dr. Garita years ago and she recommended him; she has a condo here in Costa Rica.

In addition a friend of hers had gone to see Doctor Garita for a extensive work. I spoke to him and he said it was great, you could not ask for more.

In addition to the first class work that was done, of course treatment was the most important… Which is the most important? In addition the facility is very modern, as modern as any I’ve seen in the Bay Area.

The staff is very friendly and warm. Everybody speaks an excellent english. As example of how friendly they are, they were willing to listen and help to correct my fractioned spanish.

Lastly, I’ll say that I’ve recommended Doctor Garita to many, you know my boss, to my friends are of my age and either someone is starting to have dental problems. I’ve recommended Doctor Garita enthusiastically to all of them.

So again, the whole experience was first great down the line and I’m very pleased to say that and that I came here.

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