Amanda Lopez: My Experience at Dr Mario Garita

Date: June 17, 2015
From: Queens, Nueva York
Age: 30 years

Hi Ana I hope everyone is well.

I am writing about my experience at Dr Mario Garita dental clinic. First and for most I want to thank the most amazing Dr and staff in the world. Words cannot express my gratitude.

My name is Amanda Lopez I live in Queens, NY I am 28 years old and for years I had a complex of my missing teeth.

The estimate I got here in NYC was ridiculous!! So expensive approximately $35,000- $40,000. I felt like I had no hope. But I am the type of person who works hard a feels I deserve the best especially when it come to my appearance. I then did my research on Dr. Mario and his five star ratings on Google made me not think twice I booked my first trip to Costa Rica.

I met with Dr Mario and he is the most amazing gentle, warm hearted person I have ever met. And after a few conversations with Ana, his secretary when I walked in there I felt right at home. (She is amazing!!) The facilities were gorgeous! Very secure, private and professional environment and as I mentioned before the most amazing staff I have ever met.

I had my extractions, dental implants and bone grafting…on the same day. Not as painful as I thought it would be. I returned with a great temporary snap on smile comfortable it fit just right. And more importantly no infection! I could not wait 6 months to return to Costa Rica and finish this amazing project I started. I went back in May 2015 I had my crowns put on my dental implants and porcelain veneers!

I look gorgeous! And it is all thanks to Dr Mario. My family, friends, co-workers and even my dentist here in the states are really impressed with the Dental work or should I call it art, that Dr. Mario has done for me. I am forever grateful….also the price was extremely reasonable!! I rate Dr. Mario his wonderful staff and facilities five stars!!! I am also available to speak to anyone who would like information on the procedures I did. Thank you Dr. Mario Garita for my beautiful smile.

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