Glenn Wesby

Date: May 16, 2018
From: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Hi, I am from New Orleans, Louisiana in the U.S. and I recently visited Dr. Mario Garita MP Dental Experience Clinic in Costa Rica for my Dental Implants.

Why Costa Rica?

Well after researching locally, then nationally, I had no idea that Dental Implants were so expensive. So I decided to search abroad online for less expensive Dental Implants and I came across several videos of Costa Rican dentistry’s and Dental Implants surgery.

One of the videos was Dr. Mario Garita The Dental Experience clinic and I thought the environment was the most familiar and his office looked almost identical to my local Dentist office. So I decided to call and set up an appointment and a month latter I was in Costa Rica at Dr. Mario Garita The Dental Experience clinic.

My main concerns going abroad searching for dental services were professionalism, competency and quality I didn’t want to compromise on any of those for cost.

Meeting and talking with Dr. Mario Garita and his “very nice” staff

But after meeting and talking with Dr. Mario Garita I felt confident that I made the right choice, he seemed knowledgeable and experienced in the area of dental implants. His office was equipped with latest dental equipment and the whole place had a modern look

And his staff were very nice. They always greeted me with a smile and they made sure that I was comfortable while I waited to be seen wich was usually not more than 5 minutes

After Dr. Mario Garita performed the implant surgery I experienced some swelling of the face but I was in no pain.

And after I return for stage 2 of the procedure Dr. Yuming Lee who set the temporary dentures as well as the zirconium bridges the finish product, he also made sure that I was comfortable before as well during every procedure he’d stop and ask if I was in any discomfort or pain and if so he would treat the necessary area and after the procedure he would again ask me was I in any discomfort or pain

After the final procedure I felt no discomfort or pain and I was surprised at how natural the zirconium bridges felt.

How would I rate my overall experience at Dr. Mario Garita The Dental Experience clinic?

I would say very good, I have no regrets I thank they done a great job. Dr. Yuming took so much care in his work I felt like I was more than just a patient.

And I would recommend Dr. Mario Garita MP Dental Experience office to anyone seeking Dental Implants or general dental services.

I want to say thank you to Dr. Yuming Lee, Dr. Mario Garita and staff for giving me a brand new SMILE!!!

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