I’m Stephen Cooney, aka Stephano Capone.

I came down here, to Costa Rica. We are under a misconception in the USA that only big dental works is done in the US. And that is not true.

I have a little tiny bit of trapidition involve. As it gonna be “OK”, wondering what am I looking at. And I got here, and I was so clean and so happy and so comfortable.

Everybody here from the fun desk to the dentist and the dental assistent, all top notch. 

Top notch place is a dental place, is just amazing. The work have been painless, seamless. And it just look so good. I needed three implants, I needed a crown, I needed a laser lift.

I don’t want to talk about money, because everybody situation is different. But it was three and a half times more money to pay in the US than here. And when I went back to the US, my first time here, getting the three post for them. My dentist said I said “wow they do a good work in Costa Rica”, he said “it is perfect”.

And one more thing: The coffe, it is better than in St*rb*ck. Right here in the (Mario Garita) Dental Office


Stephen Cooney

Date: June 19, 2017
Result: Three implants, one crown, a laser lift.

And I feel good, I look good and I’m very very happy. You can’t go wrong.

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