I just can’t wait to go smiling with my friends

My name is Tommy Howard I’m from Austin, Texas. My partner is Sharon Jones. We came to Doctor Garita’s Office to have a little work done and we are very please.

I came here 10 years ago, I had some little work done from Doctor Garita, it was so good that I want shared to you to have the same quality work. We are very happy, the staff is very professional, Doctor Garita is a dentist of all Top Quality. And now Sharon will talk about her experience with her new teeth.

Sharon: I begin my journey here in october, and when I came I realized first that I have a lot of dental work that needed to be done. But thanks to the staff here at Doctor Garita’s office, Doctor Juan actually did my work.

The proccess was painless, it took a long time, they put a lot of fine to it. And here I’m several months later and I could not be happier. I’m going home with my confidence scoring. And I just can’t wait to go smiling with my friends.

Ms. Sharon Jones and Doctor Juan Alvarado at Mario Garita Mp dental Clinic in Costa Rica

Ms. Sharon Jones and Doctor Juan Alvarado

Mr. Tommy Howard smiling happy after her dental treatment at Mario Garita Mp Dental Clinic in Costa Rica.

Mr. Tommy Howard

Project Details

Client: Mr. T. Howard & Mrs. S. Jones
Date: October 19, 2016
Procedence: Austin, Texas, USA