Hi. I’m John Fay from Chicago. I’m a patient of Doctor Garita.

Doctor Garita was recommended to me from a friend in Chicago who had a lot of dental work done, and also I did a little research on the internet and it came highly recommended.

When I got down here (to Costa Rica and Mario Garita MP Dental Office) I didn’t know fully what to expect, but I came in and had a bunch of work done.

I had two front teeth knocked out, a bridge that was out on one side, and an old bridge on the other side. So we had a several extractions and some implants put in. It was done in a professional manner and very well (he smiles and show his new teeth) you know. These are my new teeth.

Although I’ll come back and get permanent ones in several months. But it was uh… procedure was relatively pain free and the recovery has been absolutely pain free. Only just a bit of discomfort from the new teeth and a little bit of swelling, which I’m told will go down.

So my experience has been great and you know I can chew and, you know, smile again. I’m looking forward to coming back in several months to get the final work completed.

The Dr Garita’s staff has been nothing but courteous and professional and it’s just been a great Dental Experience everything in all.

Jhon Fay
From Chicago

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