When I came to Costa Rica I knew that they had a great dental service and health service overall.

I started looking for a dental clinic and that’s when I found Mario Garita Dental Clinic.

As soon as I approached the office I was welcomed with a very safe COVID 19 protocol, for which I had to, I have been through different tests. They are very… They care a lot about the safety of the patients.

The staff which have been great they have been amazing welcoming myself and also a friend of mine arranging appointments rescheduling based on our needings

Plus the service, I had a very difficult case for which I needed veneers to cover a fractured tooth. Also aesthetically they made it happen in a matter of a month including the whitening, which has been perfect, it has been brilliant.

So I’m very very satisfied with the clinic and with the staff.

Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic it’s definitely a place that I recommend to anyone coming to Costa Rica.

Joshua Sommariva

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