I have been coming to this clinic for nearly 20 years.

I now come through Miami airport (MIA). The professionalism and care received at each visit is exceptional and always consistent.

I am not a dentist but on the rare occasion that I do see a dentist in the United States, they always compliment the quality of workmanship and materials used. Cost wise, I am at fir my airline ticket, hotel, meals and taxi services, plus the cost of the dental work, for much less than half the cost that I would pay in the U.S. 

I no longer have a “regular” dentist at home.

One last point, the equipment used and the office itself is first class and exceeds most that I have seen.

I am not being paid or promised anything for this review. They deserve it.

Stadtmauer Seymour

From Bonita Spring, Florida, USA

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