My name is William Love. This is my second visit to Dr. Garita’s dental office.

I came here 10 years ago. It just so happened that I needed to get two implants and two extractions. I was so glad that I had rapport already with Dr. Garita. In my experience, it was as easy as contacting my insurance company. And my insurance company pays more than what Dr Garita’s prices are in general. So when I’m reimbursed I have very little if any co-pay.

But the most important thing is that I find his office to be more sophisticated technically than your typical dentist office in the United States. He’s cutting edge. He’s a pro.

My procedure took only a little more than an hour to do and it was pretty much pain-free. So he’s somebody who I trust. His staff was very helpful, supportive with all aspects of lodging, and making sure I had everything that I need.

I just feel really blessed to have have Dr. Garita as as an option when I need dental work. Especially that I couldn’t afford otherwise.

William Love

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