Crystal Allen

June 20, 2019

Hi, my name is Crystal Allen. I live in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I came here to Dr. Mario Garita’s Dental Practice to get dental implants. I got a total of six implants, two bridges and I also ended up getting six veneers to the front of my mouth.

I would like to say that from the beginning when I was referred to them, the staff has been amazing. They replied quickly to my email. They walked me through all the steps.

I was allowed to do some work from the United States in terms of getting them the X-Rays to find out initial cost, for how much my dental implants would be. The dental implant prices were well, very very reasonable as opposed to the United States.

This was my first time actually traveling outside of the country. 

So I was a little nervous, but again the staff and coordinator assured me that it is going to be a very easy process to be able to come here to Costa Rica and to get my teeth fixed. From the time I arrived here in Costa Rica to start the process when I walked in the door just friendly, friendly staff. Everyone bilingual. So I was able to get the type of dental work that I need to get done.

Very comfortable to ask questions. The end result is amazing. I am so happy with the results.

The doctors are just like… The doctors and the dental assistants know what they are doingThe fears and the nerves that I had at the beginning, I just did not have anymore.

I highly recommend to the people that are in the United States, who are struggling trying to figure out what they are going to do with their teeth, to really look into coming to Costa Rica to get their dental work done.

But really honestly, the type of service that I received at Dr. Mario Garita’s Dental Office is something that I have not experienced before.

Crystal Allen.Crystal Allen about Mario Garita MP Dental implant prices testimonial - before and after
United States, Virgin Islands.

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