Veneers before the wedding

I’ve gone to Dr. Garita twice in the past 8 years and both times have been exceptional.

This time I took my wife and she got Veneers before our wedding. We have no desire to ever go to a dentist in the USA ever again!

Steven Virgil

Steven Virgil and his wife with newVeneers

Steve, it is wonderful

Steve, it is wonderful to hear, first that this is your second visit to our dental clinic but most amazing to hear your wife had her new Smile / Veneers done here at Dr. Mario Garita.

Welcome to our family one more time.

Our best wishes for your marriage and her new smile.

Mario Garita MP Dental Clinic
Costa Rica

Steven Virgil wife during her wedding smiling with stunning Veneers made in Mario Garita Dental Clinic Costa Rica

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