Sarah Bong

So, I’m at my final days at Dr. Garita’s MP Dental XP Clinic . And I came down to Costa Rica to get the dental work that I was unable to afford in The United States.

I had All On 4 on my top and on my lower. I had crowns and two bridges. I had a lot of wear on my teeth and they were just discolored and my bite was off and after one year I’m able to eat anything I want. Smile.

Everything is comfortable, everyone here in the office was amazing. It’s so easy to come down here (to Costa Rica) and get the work done. I’m so happy that I chose this office to have it done.

“Everyone is great, so I’m happy”

Sarah Bong, New York

Sarah Bong

Date: April 24, 2017
From: New York, USA

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