All On Four ®

Now with a new full rehabilition option using the All – On – 4®

The All-on-4 ® treatment concept provides a permanent, screw-retained, same-day replacement for the entire upper and / or lower set of teeth.  This procedure is best for patients with significant tooth lost, decay or extreme bone lost. That prevents them from getting traditional dental implants protocols like All on 6 or All on 8. This option will eliminate the need for bone graft, will minimize the cost and increase the comfort and stability. With the All on 4 procedure, you receive implants and a full set of non-removable, replacement teeth during a single appointment.  Dr. Mario Garita is the father of this technique in Costa Rica and has done over 250 cases in the last 2 years with excellent results.

Why All on 4®?

The reasons the All on 4 technique has gained popularity are:

  • The high volume of the edentulous and patients with a terminal dentition who can be treated with the technique,
  • The better esthetics and the low cost for the patient compared to more traditional techniques (bone grafting, more implants and multiple procedures)
  • The high success rate of the procedure,
  • The ease and safety of the technique enables it to be performed more trustfully. pagina 1 doctor why all on 4

All-on-4® technique types of bars:

The All-on-4®technique uses two types of bars for the prosthetic part recommended by the doctor, which the patient can choose according to their budget. The characteristics of each bar:

Titanium Bar

Has processed teeth, it contains two components, a layer of acrylic and prosthetic teeth, they stain, need maintenance approximately every 5 years because the teeth grind out and it is more economical.


Michelle Jones after All On 4

Michelles Jones with Titanium Bar All On 4

Monolithic zirconium bar

Does not breaks, no stain, it is a single structure, more aesthetic and the cost of the procedure is higher.

Get a bright smile in one day with the All-on-4® technique.

At Dr. Mario Garita MP The Dental Experience you can consult free online to find out why you need an All-on-4®

Project Details

Can be delivered in one day?:

The All on 4® technique has the great advantage that can deliver a temporary fixed prothesis in one day, eliminating the moving dentures that are so uncomfortable.


All on 4® teeth may break because the brain has to get used to the new bite and this process takes several months. Teeth used are acrylic and some meals or dyes may affect the color, so it is recommended to brush your teeth after every meal.

How do you clean the dentures?:

The All-on-4® teeth have to be cleaned after every meal as your natural teeth, but it is recommended a cleaning with your dentist every 6 months to maintain healthy the gums around the implants.

Is it possible to wear the same prosthesis used before the surgery?:

It is not possible to use the existent denture because the acrylic is old and it cannot attach to the dental implants.

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