Elizabeth McGeeney: I made 3 trips to Costa Rica

Date: October 31, 2014
Age: 55
Treatment: All on 4® upper and lower

Elizabeth, a dental story. The beggining

When I was in my mid 30s I noticed that my teeth were becoming loose. Although I have seen dentists regularly on my life, none of them had mentioned the particularly short roots of my teeth. The teeth, themselves, we’re beautifully white and strong, and I had only one filling, but the mobility of the teeth slowly got worse. It interfered with my daily life as I noticed them getting progressively worse and many teeth moving each time I ate.

At age 42 I decided to have all my teeth removed and dentures made in the United States. (I did not yet know about Dr. Garita in Costa Rica.) I did not enjoy dentures, although it was good to be able to eat without worrying that one of my teeth would come out!

The plan was to have implants placed in the US. I went to several doctors and had assessments done. The cost of these clinics was projected to be $43,000-$45,000 at that time. It was difficult to imagine dipping into our children’s college savings for something so selfish-seeming and yet so necessary.

I don’t know if you know this, but the longer you go without the implants, the more your bone can decrease– resulting in the sunken mouth look.

I was contemplating what to do, and when to start, when my sister returned from Peru with news of the great dental work that is being done in Costa Rica for medical tourists. I was dubious at first, but started checking into it on the web.

I want you to know that I’m writing this because I really liked my dental work . I did not get paid for writing any of this, nor did I receive any free goods or services. I just feel that people should know about this place!

Second part: Just go for it.

Dr. Garitas web presence stood out! He had some You Tube videos touring the facility, had great credentials, seemed like he had great bedside manner, and was very friendly and knowledgable on the phone. After a number of phone calls, emails, and discussion with some friends in the US who were from Costa Rica, I decided to just go for it!

I have been extremely happy and satisfied with my decision to go with Dr. Garita! I will innumerate the benefits of the care:

  1. Dr. Garita is extremely confident in his work . This is for good reason. He has had more than 20 years of experience doing dental work and implants.That was comforting to me. I am a medical person and saw (in my own field) what expert work can be done by those who have experience.
  2. His office is quite incredible. It is both advanced with the latest technology and is spa-like in comfort. Check it out on the web! His staff speak both English and Spanish.
  3. I was not an easy patient. My mouth is smaller than average size, my teeth were unique, and my gum sensitivity is off the scales! One particular day my gum pain got out of control and Dr. Garita’s partner, Dr. Alvarez, came to my hotel and administered pain medication! (I also want you to know that my pain was not the usual course for Dr. Garita’s patients, but he took care if it when it arose).

My course of care: I made 3 trips to Costa Rica

  1. Month Zero: I went with my mother for 12 days the first time, stayed at the Wyndham, and I had the implants placed with the temporary teeth.
  2. Month 4: My second trip was optional,  and I went so that I could have my mouth measured for a titanium base for the dental prosthesis. I went for 5 days on my own and stayed at the Holiday Inn. (You can skip this part if you want to go with the standard metal).
  3. Month 6: My third trip, I travelled with my sister-in-law so that she could be the 3rd person to determine if the look was similar to my original teeth (Dr. Garita and myself being the other 2). I even brought my original teeth that had been pulled and requested that he match them as well as possible… like I said I was not easy! He delivered!

My first trip was in November and my last trip in May, so from dentures to solid final teeth in 6 month (of course the temporary teeth were the same day service).

When they tell you in the US that you get ‘teeth in one day’ they are not telling you the whole story. Those are the temps you get the first day, same as at Dr. Garita’s. You can eat soft foods and foods ‘that don’t make noise’ for 6 months as the implants take hold of bone- same as in the US . Garita is doing all the up-to-the-minute stuff. I’ve checked it out.

Speaking of the latest, and yet proven procedures, my procedure is called the All-on-four. NO SINUS LIFT and NO BONE GRAFTING was necessary. There are many sites on the web that show you how this works! It is wonderful!

Everyone’s treatment is unique, but the basic plan for All-on-four is the same. At the time I had it done, it cost about $26,000 for dental work.

As I have pointed out, I am a very satisfied with the work of Dr. Garita. I would be happy to talk with anyone considering him for their dental work.

Just contact the office and they will get me your contact information.

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