John McKnight

Date: March 12, 2019
Procedence: United States of America

Hi, my name is John McKnight. I’m here in Costa Rica but I’m from the US (United States). Now I’m a patient of Dr. Garita’s (Dental Clinic), he is a Dental Surgeon.

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Getting my work done. I received “All on 4” implants down here.

There is a little bit history about how I did get here.

I pretty much had problems with my teeth for the most part of my adult life.I would always have to go the dentist for one reason or another to have teeth remove, root canals, caps, whatever put on crowns, and I was still loosing my teeth.

So, my wife and I were here in Costa Rica visiting last year, when I saw an advertisement by Dr. Mario Garita, and in it basically was the statement that he does an implant and he also does, ah, he also listed prices of his work. When I saw that, I was though: oh wow this is good because the prices in the USA were just prohibitive to have this kind of work done. I wanted to get all my teeth put in All On 4, top and bottom.

He did a fantastic job. These are teeth that I have now, and I’ll have these teeth pretty much rest of my life.

Really impressed with the office. The Staff.  The equipment here is very modern, is very up-to-date. The place is immaculate. The aesthetics are just really, really professional.

But if you are having a problem with your teeth I would highly encourage you to come down (to Costa Rica) to at least take come down and get a consultation. A flight from the USA is really not that much, depending on where you are.

And you come down to get some real nice work done and you’ll really be happy you did. Because it’ll only improve your health and make for a better quality of life.

Thank You

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